Love, Honor, and Obedience School

  My judgment day is far from over as I learned the other night in dog obedience school. That’s right, Reuben and I are in obedience school and there have been noticeable changes: 1. I have had to refill my old Xanax prescription and 2. Reuben has gained five pounds from me having to treat him each time he takes a single step otherwise he sits down and barks at me. In front of everyone.

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amy koko
Happy New What?

If you are newly divorced, then while people around you are gearing up for a great new year and setting goals and blah blah blah, you might be thinking: What’s next for me? What can I look forward to other than being that extra person at the dinner party who is seated next to the hostess’ brother because his wife just ran off with her spin instructor and hey, you guys will have something to talk about. He will look at you mid-bite of the kale caesar and say, “I just didn’t see it coming? Did you see it coming? I didn’t see it coming,” as he bites down on a crouton.

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