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Lover of Real Housewives of NYC and pretty much anything with salt.


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There’s Been A Change of Plans…

Blogger Amy Koko bears her soul in her witty, bittersweet memoir, There's Been A Change of Plans: Divorce, Dating & Delinquents in Mid-life. Expecting a trip to Italy, Koko is blind-sided by her husband’s confession that he’s been putting his shoes under a much younger and prettier woman's bed. After twenty-seven years of marriage and four children, she faces the unimaginable: her life as she knows it is unraveling around her and her family’s future is anything but certain..

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How To Write It Funny

Writing funny is no joke. While there is no easy formula to writing humor, there is an art to being funny, and more importantly, WRITING FUNNY. And that’s where author and humor blogger Amy Koko can help! She takes you step by step though the process of creating a humorous piece of writing and shows you the tips and tricks to writing a funny blog post or book, including dialogue and character development. A must have guide for writers of all genres!

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Mom-turned-blogger-turned-author Amy Koko’s “There’s Been a Change of Plans” is now available on paperback. The comic memoir from Martin Brown Publishers chronics her divorce and return to single life after 27 years of marriage after her husband has an affair.

Described as “in the literary tradition of Nora Ephron’s ‘Heartburn’,” it tells how she tried “everything from thong underwear to a min-facelift to save her marriage,” before coming to grips with and finding a job for the first time.

— New York Daily News

Koko has her own unique author’s voice and writing style, but that same ability to look at the highs and lows of life with humour.

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Write Your Divorce Story Online Program

We have designed a 6-month online program to BIRTH YOUR BOOK.  We will check in with you on a weekly basis and review your work on a monthly basis. You will be accountable to each one of us and in this way, you will KEEP MOVING FORWARD TO COMPLETION!  Yes, at the end of the 6-month program, you will have completed a first draft of your memoir. And that is indeed something to celebrate!


How To Write It Funny

Writing funny is no joke. While there is no easy formula to writing humor, there is an art to being funny, and more importantly, writing funny. I will not only teach you how to write funny scenes, stories and dialogue, but will also review your work and give honest and helpful feedback to turn your story into a laugh out loud read. 


How To Write It Funny On Steroids

How To Write It Funny On Steroids (not that we condone that) is an advanced writing workshop. Aside from learning some of the ins and outs of humor writing, I want this class to help you set a goal for the piece of writing you are working on.  It’s having that long term goal that keeps us moving forward, pushing through the rough spots, to come out at the other end with something we can be proud of. 


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This author is absolutely hilarious. I couldn’t stop reading [There’s Been A Change of Plans] and I was so sad when it was over. What a talented and funny woman!